Safe execution of conferences and associated activities at Oslo Congress Centre

COVID-19 affect us all in the period we all find ourselves in and everyday life has been very different for a long time now. We at Oslo Congress Centre monitor the situation closely and will always follow the recommended guidelines. Below you can read about our efforts in infection control and prevention and what we do to ensure a safe environment for our guests when hosting a meeting, conference or an event.

Our guide regarding COVID-19 is built upon the guidelines currently in effect from the Health Directorate, Institute of Public Health and Labour Inspection and may be subject to consecutive updates.

Should you wish to get in contact with us regarding questions or bookings you are welcome to contact our booking department.


Our infection prevention efforts at meetings and conferences

We have a large capacity at Oslo Congress Centre, with spacious rooms which gives good opportunities within the prevention efforts.

If nothing else is agreed upon, the room will be set up in a classroom setting. One chair per table with one metre distance both vertically and horizontally to each participant.

Pen and paper will not be placed at each participant but will be available in the reception.

A technician will always be available who makes sure all the technical equipment is working.

In respect to the prevention efforts our technicians will not personally fasten the microphones to the speakers but instruct them in how this is done. Microphone headsets are personal and in case one headset is to be used by several guests it shall be cleaned and disinfected between each use. Everything will be cleaned using disinfectants prior to use. This also applies to tables, chairs, lecterns etc.

We have put up signs with clearly visible reminders to keep distance between the participants.

Handsfree disinfectant stations will be available throughout the entire congress centre.

If we have more than one event at the same time, they will be held with separate break and lunch areas.

Our cleaning routine has been strengthened and every surface which is touched/used every day like door handles, banisters, coffee machines, elevator buttons, touch screens etc. will be cleaned several times a day.

All bathroom facilities will be available to our guests. We will have clearly visible signs informing about the maximum number of guests allowed at the same time and will be controlled by our employees.


Coffee and break food

Break food like fruit, smoothie or cakes will be served in portion-sized boxes.

Break food will be placed in several separate places to spread out our guests. There will be clearly visible signs at each food station informing about restrictions regarding distancing. We will also be using rope barriers to simplify the queuing.

Handsfree disinfectant stations will be available at all food stations.



Due to infection prevention we will offer our guests finger foods in a closed box.

The lunch will also be served in separate locations to spread out the guests. There will be clearly visible signs at each lunch station informing about restrictions regarding distancing. We will also be using rope barriers to simplify the queuing.

Handsfree disinfectant stations will be available at all food stations.

If you and your guest wish to be served at your tables, we can accommodate this by serving a closed lunchbox at each seat. The food will we placed for each guest prior to their seating, together with dessert and coffee. Assorted refreshments included coffee and tea will be served by our waiters.

We will schedule different lunch hours between the groups of guests to ensure that safe distance is upheld between our guests.

Warm lunches will be available and we will follow all the requirements in regards to infection prevention.


Shared responsibility

We would also like to point out that we all have a shared responsibility, and we encourage all organizers to remind their guests to stay at home and not participate in the event, if they feel sick or show any sign of symptoms. These are exceptional times and we at Oslo Congress Centre take them very seriously. We have internal guidelines for infection control and prevention which apply to our employees at all times.

In accordance with new guidelines from Oslo municipality we wish that lists will be made with names and contact information of all guests participating in meetings and events at Oslo Congress Centre. We encourage all organizers to send us lists with the respective names and contact details. The contact information will only be used to assist the authorities at a possible later infection tracing. This is a task which the municipality does and not Oslo Congress Centre. The information we receive will be deleted 10 days after the date of the event.

With this we wish you welcome to Oslo Congress Centre!