Safe execution of conferences and associated activities at Oslo Congress Centre

We at Oslo Congress Centre continue to monitor the situation around COVID-19 closely.  We will always follow the current guidelines given so that we can facilitate for safe meetings and events at our venue.

We have implemented several measures in accordance with infection prevention and below you can read about what we do to ensure a safe environment for our guests at attending meetings, conferences and events.

Our guide regarding COVID-19 is built upon the guidelines currently in effect from the Health Directorate, Institute of Public Health and Labour Inspection and may be subject to consecutive updates.

Our infection prevention efforts at meetings and conferences

We have a large capacity at Oslo Congress Centre, with spacious rooms which gives good opportunities within the prevention efforts.

Facemasks are required for all indoor events when it is not possible to ensure a distance of one meter. Employees of Oslo Congress Centre will be wearing facemasks when in guest areas.

From the 14th of january  there can be a maximum of 30 people at indoor events without designated seating. With designated seating there can be 200 people. All rooms and halls at Oslo Congress Centre will have designated seating.

Organizers must provide an overview of where the individual audience or guest is sitting.

Unless otherwise agreed, the room will be set up in an exam set-up, one chair per table with one meter distance between guests in all directions.

When we have several events ongoing we will ahve separate break and lunch areas.

Participant list

As a result of the guidelines from the City of Oslo, we want a list of names and contacts of all participants who attend meetings and events here at Oslo Congress Center. We encourage all organizers to send us a list of participants with their respective names and telephone numbers. The contact information will only be used to assist the authorities in the event of a later infection detection. This work is run by the authorities and not Oslo Congress Center. The information we receive will be deleted 10 days after the event date.

A technician will always be available to ensure that the technical eqipment is functional.

Due to infection control the technicians will not equip the speakers with microphones, but rather instruct them how to do it themselves. Microphones will be disinfected if they change users. Everything will be desinfected prior to use and this also goes for chairs, tables, speaker podium etc.

Hands-free anti-bac dispensers will be available throughout the centre.

We do extra cleaning of all surfaces that are used every day, such as; door handles, handrails, coffee machines, elevator buttons, touch screens etc. These are washed several times a day.

We have internal guidelines for infection control that apply to all our employees at all times.

Food service

In cases where we serve finger foods, our guests will, for reasons of infection control, have this served in single packed portions.

This will also be served in seperated stations for a wider spread among the guests.

Hands-free anti-bac stations will be available at all stations.

According to infection control, we will not be able to offer our guests bar service or activities that involve less distance between guests than 1 meter,
such as dancing at various parties or other events.
Furthermore, there is also a liquor ban in accordance with national infection control measures.

Shared responsibility

We would encourage all our guests to use our anti-bac dispensers which are available throughout the convention center. Keep a distance from other guests and wear a face mask according to the official order on this.

We would also like to point out that we all have a shared responsibility, and we encourage all organizers to remind their guests to stay at home and not participate in the event, if they feel sick or show any sign of symptoms. These are exceptional times and we at Oslo Congress Centre take them very seriously. We have internal guidelines for infection control and prevention which apply to our employees at all times.

You will find updated advice from FHI here:

Infection control advice for the population

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