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Balder is a well-lit and airy meeting room with good ceiling height that is suitable for meetings, courses, pitch meetings and smaller workshops. This meeting room features the latest in technical equipment and is located close to the Congress Hall, making it particularly suitable for use as part of conferences and other large events for which an extra meeting room is desired.

Additional services

Do you need any additional services?

  • Flowers

    Would you like a flower arrangement in your meeting room? We work together closely with one of the city’s best florists, which can deliver:

    Flower arrangements
    Decoration for registration tables
    Bouquets of all sizes

  • Interpretation services

    Need an interpreter or interpreting equipment in conjunction with meetings, courses or conferences? We work together with interpretation service suppliers and can make the necessary arrangements.

  • Copy and print

    We have our own print and copy department that can help you with various essentials like marketing materials. We can also assist with delivering printed materials for those organising an event at Oslo Congress Centre, as well as for those with printing needs outside the venue, such as banners, nametags and brochures.

    We guarantee the following:

    • Fast delivery
    • Delivery at the agreed time
    • Print on request

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