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Video conferencing

A video conference allows two or more parties who are geographically distant from one another to communicate directly through sound and image. This solution can be used for all types of assemblies or meetings where participants are geographically remote and need both sound and image transfer.

We have invested in a industry standard dual screen video conferencing solution in HD quality. Based upon a Polycom HDX 8000 system, the solution offers a 4-way multipoint conference with up to three external locations, PC and video content connected to the local host. With broadband speeds up to 6 Mb/sec, the conference is perceived as stable and secure, without delays or corruptions in audio or images.

The solution supports industry standard protocols H.264/H.263++/SIP, which allows compatibility with other video conference systems such as Cisco, Tandberg, Lifesize etc. The system is also equipped with a socket for a telephone connection.

Technical spesifications:

- Polycom HDX 8000 w. Polycom EagleEye 1080 camera and stereo microphone - Connectivity for PC (DVI) video source (S-video) and analogue telephone (RJ11)

- Standard set-up: 4-way multipoint, PC presentation

- Supported video standards: H.264,H.263, H.262, H.261, H.239

- 2 x backlit LED screens (42”) in full HD (1080i)

- Optional password-protected secure session

- Additional information about video conferencing

Note! For a successful conference experience, it is important that video conference systems in external locations adhere to the same video standards. Also, make sure to obtain IP adresses of all participating systems in preparation of the video conference.

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