The Foyer used for exhibition

Exhibition areas

Customers hiring the Congress Hall have priority access to the foyer for exhibitions. Customers hiring Hall A or Hall B+C have priority access to 50% of the foyer. 

Exhibitor package Foyer, NOK 1000,- per exhibitor (NOK 750,- day 2)


• 2 x 2 m exhibitor space
• 2 chairs and 2 tables
• 16 amp electrical
• Wireless internet


Looking for exhibition area connected to another meeting room?
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Oslo Congress Centre can also assist with items such as tables, chairs, standing tables, bar stools, poster walls, service stands, flowers and most types of technical equipment.

We work together with Messekompaniet to supply modular walls, info desks, shelves, pipe and curtain, etc.

Due to other guests, fire regulations etc, all exhibition plans must be approved by Oslo Congress Centre before the event.


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