Hall D

Hall D is an attractive hall in a non-traditional shape with many usage areas. With a ceiling height of 6.5 metres and large windows, the hall is very airy and inviting.

Hall D was refurbished in 2011. Walls, floors, doors, furniture, interior – it’s all new! Major emphasis has been placed on lighting in the new hall. This means not only optimal conference lighting, but also atmospheric lighting for dinners and events.

We believe that Hall D is one of the finest conference and meeting facilities you will find in central Oslo.

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NOK per person (meeting/conference 8.am-4pm)

Square meters:

  • Area: 250 m²
    Length: 15 m
    Width: 7 m+
    Ceiling: 6,5 m


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Hall D is spread over two floors, with the actual hall on the ground floor (105 m²) and a mezzanine (90 m²)  and smaller meeting room, known as the Blue Salon (72 m²), on the first floor. The hall is perfect for groups of between 50 and 150 people.

A major advantage of Hall D is the number of areas to which one has access in addition to the actual room itself. The Mezzanine and the Blue Salon can, for example, be used for coffee breaks, group work and/or exhibitions.

Hall D is one of our most popular facilities, which is not so surprising considering the broad array of usage possibilities the room can offer. Are you planning a meeting, conference, seminar, workshop, reception or perhaps a dinner/banquet? Hall D will work perfectly no matter what! This hall is difficult to describe in words and pictures - it has to be experienced. Contact us to schedule a tour.



• Area: 267 m²
• Length: 15 m
• Width: 7+ m
• Ceiling height: 6.5 m
• Flooring: parquet/carpet


Standard technical equipment:

• Projector (Sanyo PLC - XF 16), 6x5 m screen
• 2 wireless Shure headset microphones
• 3 fixed microphones (1 at the lectern and 2 on the meeting administrator table)
• Overhead, flip chart and whiteboard

• Free wireless internet

For other available technical equipment, click here.

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