Marketing boards in The Foyer

Signage and exposure

We give all our customers the possibility of strengthening their message through various exposure possibilities both indoors and outdoors. In addition to our varied selection of signage possibilities, we also allow room for your own creativity.

A large number of people pass through Oslo Congress Centre every day. Here you will have the opportunity to reach out not only to your own participants, but also to other target groups as well.

Here are some of the options:

• Marketing screens in the Foyer
• 16 flag poles outside the main entrance
• Banner next to the main entrance
• A4 posters – a total of 17 in the ladies/mens room
• 4 posters next to the cloak room
• Fixed ceiling rails for banners in several of our rooms
• Ceiling rails in the Foyer
• Banners on columns in the Foyer


Marketing Package

To those of our customers who have rented Congress Hall or Hall A, we can offer a Marketing Package for NOK 10.000,- (half price day 2). The price includes:

• Screens in the Foyer (3 large, 2 smaller ones)

• 16 flag poles

• 17 A4 posters in the ladies/mens room

• 4 posters by the cloak room

• Rails/columns in the main hall and the Foyer

• Banner to the right of the main entrance (exterior)

The price includes rental of marketing space and set up. Production costs are additional. 

When using Oslo Congress Centre's  print- and copy services, we give you  20 % discount on the Marketing Package (rental of marketing space and set up)!


Photocopying and digital printing services

Oslo Congress Centre has an in-house department that can assist in most facets of printed materials: photocopying, banners, signage, course folders, etc. They can also produce material for the Marketing Package above.

Read more about our range of photocopying and digital printing services.

For prices regarding production of material for the Marketing Package or information of other signage and exposure possibilities (in all facilities), contact our booking department.


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