As our customer it is entirely possible to influence how “green” your event is.


Getting here

We are located right in the middle of Oslo – only a 5 minute walk from Oslo Central Station and the airport shuttle train, surrounded by tram and bus stops. See map.

If you are coming from Oslo we recommend leaving your car at home and using public transport. It is also possible to travel in an environmentally friendly way if you are coming from other parts of Norway or abroad.

- Train or bus directly to Oslo Central Station.

- From Oslo Gardermoen Airport it is possible to get to Oslo Central Station with the airport shuttle train.


Oslo Congress Centre

We are environmentally certified. This certification sets requirements when it comes to recycling, water consumption, power consumption and environmental focus in all aspects of our operation. We know that this is a concern for our guests. We make every effort always to use environmentally responsible suppliers when purchasing operating supplies (this is generally a requirement in our purchase orders).


The meeting

We can offer various green alternatives for your meeting. For example, we keep paper consumption to a minimum by offering:

- Digital registration. All meetings are digitally registered – both in the foyer and in most cases outside the meeting room/hall in question.

- Digital signage. We can offer digital signage in each foyer area. Here we can offer marketing/signage on the large screen (via projector), in the staircase up to the largest halls, or on two screens in the coffee area. Click here for more information.

- Digital meeting documentation. We have the option of audio and visual recording of the meeting. We can also offer “live streaming” (live image broadcast from the meeting to the web), which gives you the possibility of reaching out to those who are not able to be physically onsite.

- Electronic invitations, registration, participant management, etc. We work closely with suppliers who can assist you with this. Contact us for more information.



We also incorporate environmental responsibility into the food we offer our guests.

For example, we take an active responsibility in setting specific quality requirements on the raw ingredients used by our suppliers. Our suppliers must have a defined environmental profile in their operations and be environmentally certified. This means that they can offer organic ingredients so that upon request we can prepare and serve organic menus; at the same time, these must be as locally sourced as possible.

We have a clear philosophy that strictly limits the degree we utilise food buffets, as these result in an unnecessary amount of waste. Instead, we rely on a sophisticated plate service concept.

The water we serve comes from the Oslo municipal water supply and goes through double purification in our Pure Water System.



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