Join FoodFeast with Bengt Sjöström

With Bengt Sjöström on the team, we are both pleased and proud to be able to offer a unique conference experience. We call it FoodFeast and you are invited!


"Why should our guests demand less of food when they are at a conference or seminar? It's just then that you need the most inspiration and energy," asserts Bengt Sjöström, who together with the rest of the staff at Oslo Congress Centre has developed a menu based on the vision that meal times should be as important as the advanced equipment in the meeting rooms.

Bengt Sjöström is one of Sweden's most popular and respected cooks, known for his work on TV4 and in a whole host of restaurants, both as owner and chef. He has also received many awards for his cookery. See Bengt Sjöström's CV here  

"It has been an incredible journey, with everyone who works here having helped to create something completely unique. We have picked strawberriestogether for our smoothies and desserts, we have visited the animals that provide us with our meat and we have tasted our way through the classic Nordic ingredients. Together we have created a true FoodFeast!

The result is a menu we are truly proud of , where the quality of each and every dish prepared for over 1000 people can be guaranteed to be of the same high quality. The name "MatFest" is a commitment.

"You will notice it in the freshly baked rolls. In the aperitif from Egge Farm. The resilient ingredients. The menu is based on the values of purity, simplicity, variety, and culinary enjoyment.

It's very ambitious, very inspiring, but most of all, very, very tasty!"

Welcome to FoodFeast and bon appetit!




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