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Oslo Congress Centre has enjoyed tremendous success with its FoodFeast concept - an event launched two years ago, which has turned people`s perceptions of conferance food upside down. Now we are taking FoodFeast another step with apple-fed pigs from Re in Vestfold.  

Lucky Pigs

FoodFeast provides you with a great dining experience, even when you`re at a conference, says Bengt Sjöström, Head Chef and the man behind the concept. It`s about ensuring that the ingredients you use are of top quality, and that your chefs have the utmost respect for and love the food they are cooking.

In August, Sjöström and his team visited Inger Synøve and Magnus Johnsen at their farm at Revetal i Vestfold, where they visited the fifty apple-fed pigs they are raising. 

They are som pretty lucky pigs that enjoy the great outdoors as they have plenty of space, grass and fresh air. We feed them apple pomace left over from the production of Liereple apple cider at Egge Farm, which we serve as an aperitif to our conference delegates. This gives the meat a fantastic, fresh flavour,’ Sjöström explains. I feel both pleased and proud because this is how I believe food should be - a natural cycle.   

Holistic Approach

FoodFeast is about more than just serving good food to conference delegates. It is about raising awareness of, proximity to and respect for food. And the entire kitchen staff are on board. 

‘It`s been a long and incredible journey,’ says Sjöström, ‘and without the help and support of our Congress Manager, Helge Johansen, it`s unlikely we could have pulled off FoodFeast. Thanks to his great network, his enthusiasm and knowledge, we`ve put in place innovative agreements and partnerships with both small and large suppliers.  

FoodFeast was launched in 2013 and a lot has happened since then.

‘In the first year we were in Lier picking strawberries and apples, which we used in our desserts and aperitifs. Last year we took a trip to Ål in Hallingdal, where we visited lambs grazing at high altitude. Now that we are launching our apple-fed pigs this year, we are taking another major step towards realising our concept of an holistic approach to ingredients, Sjöström concludes.  


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